Streeck Web Design

Streeck Web Design provides a high-quality, low-cost homepage design service. Streeck Web Design specializes in pages for small to medium sized organizations or companies who demand a very personal service. Streeck Web Design takes care to produce pages which are designed not only for the eye, but are technologically clean and fast. This makes updating the pages easier, saving you money.

Screenshot High quality means Streeck Web Design writes the XHTML-Code by hand! Streeck Web Design does not use WYSIWYG editors Valid XHTML 1.1! to produce your pages, since only human intuition and miniscule operations on the source-code can lead to the best results. New ideas can be developed this way, without reaching the limitations of software that is 3 months or older. Writing the Valid CSS! source-code by hand does not necessarily mean a longer development period. Years of experience writing pages by hand and a vast collection of helper tools makes this by far the most effective way of producing clean and fast XHTML code. This Best viewed with any browser is the only way of making the code compatible with all currently used browsers, including those that are a couple of years older than the current version. After all, not all of your visitors will be using the latest browser.

Personal service means you can at any time send e-mails with requests for changes, updates, things we should try, etc. Streeck Web Design will be there to help you develop a clean, well structured web-site.

Should it be possible and relevant, adding pictures to you text-based information can make your pages aesthetically more interesting, and thus will attract more visitors. Streeck Web Design also offers this service, as the photography-page hopefully proves.

Streeck Web Design has been very successful in the past: Organizations such as the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) have come to appreciate the very personal service and the excellent web site produced by Streeck Web Design. Benjamin Streeck, working together with school friends recieved the second place (out of 72 participating teams) in the 1998 Web-Site Competition sponsored by the Kreissparkasse Köln, with the Stadtwerke Brühl. All graphics, texts, the layout, and general design were produced by Benjamin Streeck and his team mates. This first internet project is available here.

If you are interested in this service, please e-mail me (benjamin~at~streeck~dot~com), and I will get in touch with you. Because of the nature of these projects, I can not give you an overview of prices without knowing the extent of your project, but I guarantee it, you will not find the same level of design for a cheaper price! Ask SASE if they are happy with my work!

Designed Sites

Sites designed and maintained:

Sites designed and handed over:

  • The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

Discontinued sites:

  • Site for a Party
  • The St. Ursula Gymnasium class of 1998
  • Site for a local Big-Band (see also the current redesigned site)
  • Personal site of Michael Sassen
  • Site for a group of friends
  • R. D.: Academic site of R. D.

Sites where I helped with design and/or sites that use my technology:

  • Friend of a friend's personal site (helped with XHTML and CSS, uses PicZapper)